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The mission of Alaska Built® is to promote and encourage development of the building industry in the State.
Alaska is Our Home. Let's Build it Right!

Our Representatives and Senators need to know what is important to you! And yes, even through the hustle and bustle of their busy day, your email or your call will reach them.

Help us today by sending an email to Governor Walker, sharing your views on how important it is to invest in our building industry in Alaska. Check out our 'watchlist' for current bills in Alaska that affect our industry and your daily life.


Letters to Your Governor

Reach out to our delegation to share your thoughts about what it means to you to be ALASKA BUILT.® It's easy.

Start by sending an email that states your concerns. We have power in numbers - every message counts. We'll combine all our messages and send them off together.

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Watch List: Current Legislative Activity

What is SB 45?

What is HB 359?

SB45 requires unlicensed contractors to disclose that they do not have a license when they sell a home within two years after construction begins. This provides consumers with a information and therefore, some protection, when they are buying a new home. This also deters unlicensed contractors from abusing the law.

Within the 30th Alaska Legislature, House Bill 359 has been introduced at the request of ASHBA in order to establish the International Residential Code within the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation as the state residential code. A statewide residential building code will help protect consumers and raise standards for safety and integrity of homes, which improves energy efficiency, the health and comfort of homeowners, and home values. Learn more

What is HB 79?

What is SB 155?

HB79 is an omnibus workers compensation bill that includes a definition of 'independent contractor,' assisting with clarification on who is an independent contractor and whether they are subject to worker's compensation requirements.

SB155 allows real estate appraisal management companies to do business in Alaska.

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Contact your legislators, too! They want -and need- to hear from you. Scroll down to find contact information for each delegation group in our great state.

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