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We dream of a place where communities are healthy

Where nature thrives, our children are happy

And we breathe clean air.

We wish for homes that last lifetimes

And generations to enjoy them

With low energy costs and safe conditions

We believe Alaskans who build their own homes

Can be protected because they've hired

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured contractors to help them.

Ours is a true story about Alaskans

Who care about the products they use, the homes they build,

And the families who live in them.

We work to ensure our communities are built the right way, the first time.

The Issues In Our State

Unlicensed Professionals

Alaska truly is the Final Frontier, realized in our industry by the lack of a statewide building code. Alaskans are afforded the right to build their own homes, and it is common to hire unlicensed and uninsured contractors throughout the process.

Although these state-given rights speak to the fundamental values of what it means to be Alaskan, home owners often come up short when they hire unlicensed, uninsured builders or handymen who simply walk off-site after being paid, never to be heard from again.


Next generation Alaskans inherit ‘legacy’ homes and with them, expensive cold climate upgrades or remodels that try to bring their dwelling up to par. Costs of electric, fuel and heat utilities are on the rise, and often the State and municipalities must subsidize these expenses for families who cannot afford to maintain a home that was built poorly.

Skilled Labor

The building industry suffers immensely from a shortage of skilled labor, especially in rural Alaska. In our cities, jobs continue to disappear in fields of construction. State spending is down, and overall the industry here has hit a rough patch.

Alaskan Governor Bill Walker held a housing summit in early 2016, where he asked industry professionals to identify problems throughout the state and brainstorm a fix; through the ALASKA BUILT.® campaign we aim to further this conversation, working in collaboration with his administration as a leading resource and liaison to the public.

Who We Are

An Alaskan Team of Industry Professionals

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ASHBA is the state level home building association, a non-profit, member-driven organization that supports building contractors and trade workers across Alaska.

Alaska State Home Building Association

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If you are a home buyer, builder, or supplier in Fairbanks or the Interior... you've come to the right place. The Interior Alaska Building Association's mission is to promote safe, durable and efficient housing by educating consumers and building industry professionals for the benefit of our community.

Interior Alaska Building Association


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