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The mission of ALASKA BUILT.® is to promote and encourage development of the building industry in the State.

Alaska is Our Home. Let's Build it Right.

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About our Brand

We’re a team of non-profit, member-driven organizations made up of innovators and forward-thinkers in the building industry across the state of Alaska, with the drive to update and improve our industry.


We really hope to see all Alaskans of all ages wearing our hats while they fish, hike, shop, work out, snow machine... when they are at work or at play... and we aim to create Alaskan-themed products sourced at least 51% from within our state.

Profits from the sale of our products goes toward education and awareness building of our industry. We believe we'll have the support of Alaskans and that the growth of ALASKA BUILT.® and subsequently the building industry, will foster economic growth throughout the state. Safe, affordable homes that are energy efficient - they help everyone!


We work to ensure our communities around the state are built the right way, the first time. That's our definition of ALASKA BUILT.® We're proud of it. And you should be, too.. after all, you are ALASKA BUILT.®

Alaska is Our Home. Let's Build it Right.


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